Strike King Tour Grade Spinnerbait: New Sizes and Blade Combinations


In 2020, Strike King introduced the reengineered Tour Grade spinnerbait with 3/8 and 1/2-ounce double willow models, for 2022, the Strike King Tour Grade Spinnerbait gets new sizes and blade combinations. A product of 55 years of honing and perfecting, the Tour Grade Spinnerbait is offered in four innovative blade designs, a multitude of sizes, and 13 colors. The additions are a 5/16-ounce size with Colorado / Turtleback blades, a 3/8-ounce Colorado / Willow leaf combination, a compact frame, hidden weight 1/2-ounce model with double willow leaf blades and a 3/4-ounce double willow leaf model.