G.Loomis NRX+ bending on a smallmouth

I was fairly impressed with being able to swing fish. It’s nerve racking the first time, knowing what these rods cost. But after my first day I was leaning on fish and swing fish like I would any of my more durable rods. When I’m fishing deep. I want to really hit the fish and lean on them. A lot of times you can have a bow in your line from wind or current and you need to really drive a hook. So it’s probably the technique where I hit fish the hardest. Again conventional wisdom is you have to baby traditional ultra-sensitive rods. 

But I let them have it with the NRX+ Jig/Worm rod. I am so impressed with how sensitive but also how strong these rods are. I don’t feel like the fish is controlling the rod. I hit ‘em and wind on ‘em without worry with these NRX+ rods.