Streamlined profile and added hook point protection


The Tip Toad is much slimmer than most soft-plastic toads I’ve used, but that’s for a very specific reason. Even after a long cast, it only takes about a half-turn of your reel handle to make this bait start working on the surface. Many toads you’ll use will take several feel to come to the surface, but the Tip Toad has some serious lift and gets on plane very quickly. I was actually just fishing this bait a few hours ago and four of my five bites came within a foot of where the Tip Toad landed. I sincerely don’t think I would have gotten those bites with several other models. 

You’ll also notice the raised eyes and the small nodules on the top of the bait, towards the back. These not only add extra realism to the bait, but they also protect that hook point and help the bait come through vegetation and wood cover much easier. I have thrown the Tip Toad a lot and I can’t remember the last time it has been snagged in cover. I’m very happy with how efficiently I’ve been able to use it.