Straight reel


The simplest thing I think for people to do with a crappie jig is just cast it out as far as you can and reel it back slow and steady. Slow is relative to your spool speed. That’s what I look at when I start reeling the jig. Actually, I cast as far as I can, and if I’ve seen a school of crappie on the graph before hand or am casting to a known piece of cover, I will watch my line because a lot of bites happen on that initial fall.

But I count the jig down to the depth I want to fish and the start reeling slowly. I watch the spool on my spinning reel to see how fast the line is winding onto the spool. That sets my speed. I want it to be moving the jig inches per second not feet per second. Afterall I’m trying to keep a 1/16 ounce jig at depth most of the time. Sometimes I will stop reeling briefly to let the jig get back down in that depth zone. But I’m trying to bring it back over the cover or school at one continuous depth. 

It definitely takes practice and time to learn to keep the jig down with a slow crawl. As the wind gets up, you’ll be forced to go up on weight because the drag on the line will cause the jig to rise shallower in the water column.