Step No. 3

making braided split rings for bass fishing lures

Lastly, Scroggins ties an overhand knot on the tag end of the braided line but before tightening it, he puts a toothpick (or spare straight-shank hook) inside the overhand knot and uses it to slide the knot all the way down to the two half hitches. All that’s left to do is cut the extra line off the tag end and you’re ready to start fishing.

“This might sound complicated but it’s all super simple,” Scroggins said. “You’ll have everything you need inside your boat or tacklebox and this literally takes a minute or less. A toothpick is handy to help slide the overhand knot down tight to the half hitches. That overhand knot won’t pull through your two half hitches no matter how hard you pull on it. It all comes together to be just as strong as a split ring with way more motion.”