SteelShad jigging on graph


One the main ways I fish a SteelShad is vertical fishing deep fish in winter. I see schools of bait or small game fish like white bass on my electronics and jig around them. 

The SteelShad has a great vibration to it with a tapering lead weight just under its chin. It’s heavier in the front than in the middle which gives it a nose down orientation with a great shimmy on a hop, hard pull, slow pull or straight crank. 

When I fish vertically, I’m usually dropping it to the fish and then hard pulling it and letting it flutter back. A lot of bites happen right before you go to pull it back up. You can catch them by just holding it in the fish on your screen and snapping it. If it’s a big cloud of bait or a large school, I will pitch it out in front of the boat and lift and drop it back to the boat. I use my electronics and try to stay in and around the bait and fish.