Stands out while handling serious abuse


I have fished the Fate Black rods in a variety of techniques. I really like the MH rod for frogging and the heavy power rod 7-foot, 4-inch rod for flipping. I lean more towards those types of applications with this line of rods.

I have thrown crankbaits, spinnerbaits and Chatterbaits on the the 6-foot, 7-inch and 7-foot, 1-inch medium power rods, and they have been very sensitive and hook and play fish well. The cork grips are very comfortable, and the hook keeper makes getting your rods ready to move quick and painless.

All of the rods have decent tip action, but the backbone is what will attract most anglers. You can swing fish without a care in the world on these rods. I have done a lot of bank fishing with these rods and fished on the river quite a bit with them as well. Places where I might get into skinny water and have trees around and above me while I fish. There is nothing worse than swinging a rod into a tree branch and hearing that crack thinking you cost yourself a rod. So a more durable rod for that is welcome.

I highly recommend the 7-foot, 3-inch medium heavy and 7-foot, 4-inch heavy if you’re looking for strong durable rods in that $99 budget range. 

You can find the 13 Fishing Fate Black rods at this link at and retailers that carry 13 Fishing rods.