SPRO Rat Wakebait

rat bass fishing lure

Fishing with big, rat-imitating wakebaits went from a niche West Coast deal to a more mainstream technique over the last decades, in large part due to Tom Frink and Jacob Nummy winning the Bassmaster College National Championship with a big wooden rat in 2013. But wooden rats are time consuming to make and expensive, so there needed to be another option and SPRO came out with their composite version to fill in the gap.

I’ve fished with big wood rats before and caught some good fish doing it, but where the SPRO Rat particularly peaked my interest was in the various sizes they offer. So I tested out the smallest of their four versions for this piece and was rather impressed. The SPRO Rat 25 is only 2 1/2 inches without the tail and 5 inches long with it. This was another bait that casted surprisingly well at only 5/16-ounce.

There is a big difference between fishing this little rat imitator and the much larger wood rats or the SPRO Rat 50, which is 10 inches long with the tail. Though you’ll catch the occasional small fish with a big rat, this little guy opens up that realistic look to the whole food chain. With a great tight action, the SPRO Rat 25 creates the realistic look of a baby rat or little mouse scurrying along the surface trying to get away.

You can reel it slow or quick to change the width of the wobble of the bait. Though the Rat 25 appeals to small fish too, it has a great set of short-shank Gamakatsu EWG trebles on it that can hold up to a big bite as well. This bait fishes best on braided line, since the line floats and braid is easier to cast than monofilament. A bait that could be fished on a spinning reel if you like but also works well on a 7-foot, medium-heavy bait casting rod with 30-pound test, this is a fun one for all ages and experience levels to fish.