Split-tail trailer

split tail trailer rigged on the back of a bass fishing buzzbait

Now this is the soft plastic that I’ve used the most as a trailer for a traditional skirted buzzbait over the years. A soft plastic like the Zoom Split Tail Trailer is slender, so it doesn’t add a lot bulk to the profile of the bait. But the two long, straight tails do add a good bit of tight action. They don’t flail around wildly on the back of a buzzbait but they do shimmy and quiver as you reel your bait along the surface.

However, I rarely use this bait myself these days on the back of a skirt-less buzzbait, but I bring it up because this is extremely effective in tough situations. This is the type of bait my dad won the State Championship on in 1988 during a very tough bite on the Alabama River. On Day 1, he had over 21 pounds. Though I don’t remember the full results, to give you an idea of how tough the bite was, dad could have slept in the second day as his Day 1 weight proved plenty to beat the nearest competitors two-day total. Dad didn’t sleep in, however, and was able to add another 9 pounds on Day 2. I’d say that’s an effective bait on a tough bite.