bass fishing spinnerbait

One of the best baits for a beginner to throw, a spinnerbait can be fished on a simple, steady retrieve and still get bit. It’s a versatile bait as well that can be thrown around a variety of cover like brush, vegetation, docks and rocks. Its versatility doesn’t stop there, as a spinnerbait is also a great bass fishing bait to fish at varying depths.

By counting the bait down and slow rolling it, you can let a spinnerbait fall down a little deeper in the water column and reel it slowly to keep it at that desired depth. Spinnerbaits are also able to mimic multiple species of baitfish like bream and shad and they work in a wide spectrum of water colors, from super muddy to crystal clear.

To take advantage of this bait’s versatility, you’ll need to select a spinnerbait that has the right components for each scenario. Colorado blades shaped somewhat like a circle are better for muddy water; they give off a stronger vibration and a bigger flash, both of which help a bass find a bait in low-visibility situations. The resistance of the bigger blades also force you to fish the bait slower which helps in muddy water.

For the clear-water scenarios, you’re better off going with a spinnerbait with willow leaf blades that are longer and skinnier than their Colorado counterparts. These blades still give off some flash but offer less resistance which allows you to fish the bait faster and higher in the water column. If there’s a little color to the water, going with a Colorado/willow leaf combo works well.