Specialty trebles

red bass fishing treble hook

There are also a few specialty trebles out there now worth mentioning. These may have a round bend or a Triple Grip bend, but what sets them apart has more to do with some other distinguishing characteristic. Red, feathered and bladed treble hooks are good examples of these.

Red treble hooks are often used by anglers in hopes of the bass believing the hooks are blood in the water. Red is a popular color when it comes to bass fishing lures and the idea that a bass would instinctively react to a red hook makes sense. At minimum it makes more sense than having a black, bronze or other metallic color hook hanging from the bait. And to try to help the fish target the heart of the lure, anglers will often use only one red treble on the most forward hook hanger.

Feathered trebles are often a good idea on the back end of a topwater. The feathers mask the hook well, making the bait a little more appealing to a trailing bass and a feathered treble also gives off the appearance of a baitfish’s tail as it swings back and forth. Bladed trebles like the VMC Bladed Hybrid Treble are also a way to level up your treble hook game and give a whole new look to the back end of any hard bait you’re using to mimic shad.