The Yo-Zuri 3DB Series Pencil 125 has a pretty sweet sound to it when you walk it. Kind of a “poing”, if that sounded right when you read it. I can’t be sure. But that’s the best I can do when trying to spell out the sound it makes. There’s one big bead in the tail of the bait, trapped in a small chamber about an inch long. So it kind of has a one-knocker type sound but not exactly.

One thing I think makes it a little different is that the chamber has a little rib in the belly of it. So the ball kind of hangs up on that as it rocks back and forth on the walk. It makes for a noticeably different sound as the ball hits the rib and then jumps it before smacking the walls of the chamber. There’s still a rhythm to the sound but a little delay here and there mixed in as well.