Something different, but not necessarily a “bad” different


One thing I noticed with the Leap FrogZ is that the body often came up and off the hook, riding up my line during the fight similar to how a Fluke or line-through swimbait might. The result was that the fish had less plastic to throw during the fight, which isn’t a bad thing. I’m not sure the Leap FrogZ was designed with this intent, but moving weight and mass away from the point where a fish is hooked is an extremely effective way to take leverage away from the fish and ensure more bass make it to the boat.

Readjusting the frog back onto the hook took all of 10 seconds after a fish catch and in a scenario where you might only get 3 to 5 bites on a frog in a day, any little bump up in the hookup ratio is welcomed and could mean the difference in boating one more of those quality fish every few trips.