Some things in common


There are a few things these two baits have in common. They are both available in the same 9 colors. They both come with clips on the line tie for increased action; the added bonus now is that the clips can be used to quickly swap between the two different-style baits. They also both come with round-bend VMC treble hooks, the Swimmer with 1/0 and the AGB with 2/0.
Each comes with a spare tail as well.

But the coolest thing the two have in common is their swiveling hook system. One of the biggest issues with big bait fishing is losing fish. A bass has so much leverage with a bait this size; once the fish breaks the surface, one hard swing of its head is often enough to send the big bait flying as the hooks tear loose from the fish’s mouth. Storm has mitigated this risk as much as possible by incorporating hook hangers that actually swivel. So now when the bass tries to throw the bait, chances are the bait will simply pivot at the hook hanger and likely even hook the fish with the free hook.