Some of the catches on the new stickbaits for 2022

new jerkbaits catching big bass

I’ve really enjoyed fishing these new hard bait minnow lures for 2022. I really like to fish a jerkbait or a stickbait when the water gets cold. I think the fish get predictable and the bait definitely does so you can hunt bait and hunt changes in contours and structures and find where the bait and structure intersect to usually find some willing participants and now with the advances in forward facing sonar, you can watch it all go down on your screen. I tell people all the time, but December is one of my favorite months to fish and I’m also pretty fond of February but we might have a good January too with all this warm weather and rain. Could just keep the fish a little more active for some fun jerkbait fishing the next several months.

I hope you’ll get out and try some of these new baits and let me know when you catch good ones on them.