Solid components


I’ve written about it many times before, but man, I don’t want to spend my money on a lure just to have to change all of its components before I even fish with it. I’m sure some folks think differently, but I like to fish more than I like to change split rings and treble hooks.

I’m impressed by the quality of the Rattl’n Vibe’s components. The split rings are tough as nails; they’re the kind that hurt your dang fingernails when you try to open them without pliers. This is a good thing and really speaks to their toughness.

The treble hooks are also really sharp and don’t require changing; I’d have full confidence to fish with them in a tournament. Lots of lipless plugs have those cheap hooks that are about as flimsy as tinfoil, but these certainly don’t have that problem. They’re razor sharp when you take ’em from the package and they stay sharp for a long time.