Solid components


There are a few other key components to building a quality jig. Nichols does a good job checking each of these off as well. For starters, you need a good trailer keeper. Nichols has a unique one. They incorporate a hole into their trailer keepers where a toothpick can be inserted and then cut off to ensure an even more reliable connection between your soft plastic and their baits. Though the keeper alone does really well even without the added toothpick.

Then comes the weed guard and skirt. I prefer for both of these to come as what I consider to be “full”. In other words, I want a lot of material to work with. Some companies now offer jigs with really light weed guards and short or thinned skirts. I prefer for the jig to come with a full skirt and a fairly thick weed guard.

There will be some instances where I fish it as is straight out of the pack. And then others where I want to thin the weed guard a bit, if I know I’m going to be casting it a lot for instance. And the same with the skirt. There will be sometimes where I want to leave the skirt full, in the prespawn and post-spawn for examples. Where in the dead of winter I’d rather trim the skirt down and offer a more finesse look. You can always take material away a lot easier than you can add some. Nichols does a good job giving you enough to work with.