Softness matters


You wouldn’t think it would matter whether or not your leader line was soft. Through the years, I’ve used a bunch of really good leader line that was pretty darn stiff. I just kind of figured the stiffness meant it was strong. This Gold Label, however, changed my thought process on that.

This stuff is very soft for a leader line, which has made knot tying much easier. I am not a knot nerd, to be totally honest. I don’t study knots and spend 10 minutes tying ’em. Like I already mentioned, I use the simple two-join uni knot and this Gold Label has made my knot tying much faster because of its softness and manageability.

I’ve also noticed that this line doesn’t burn itself very much when cinching knots. I still lubricate the knot, but you don’t have to go overboard when tying a knot with Gold Label. You can feel that there’s much less friction when you’re tying your leader knot, which again, is a big confidence deal for me.