Soft-plastic jerkbait

zoom fluke rigged on the back of a bass fishing buzzbait

Taking a step even further in the direction of finesse, you can rig up a Zoom Super Fluke or similar-style soft jerkbait on the back of a buzzbait. Naturally, a buzzbait already has a lot going on at the front end with the prop churning water and creating a lot of commotion. Putting a toad on the back of the bait is a way to kind of double down on the aggressive drawing power of a buzzbait. Moving to a little paddle tail swimbait, you’re calming things down a bit and just wiggling a little teaser in a curious fish’s face.

But stepping down once more to the Fluke, you have a super still little tail trailing the bait that makes for an easy target to hone in on. This doesn’t seem like much of a move from the swimbait but going a little more finesse like this will often turn a few more boils into hookups. In hopes of converting a few more bites to bass in the boat, you can also add a trailer hook if you like with this style soft plastic. There’s not a lot of action at the rear end, so the hook has less to tangle up in than with the flapping appendages of a toad or swimbait.