Soft but durable


Whether rigged as a wacky rig or for its intended use on a small jighead, the Ned Ocho’s material helps it hold up to numerous bites and fish catches, while still not being so hard that it’s unappealing to a fish. Some baits are so hard that a fish will suck the bait in and spit it out before you even have time to set the hook. Others are so soft they’ll only last for one or two fish catches.

Finding the perfect material seems to be a never-ending pursuit as companies sacrifice tiny increments of one thing for the other. But Strike King did a great job here picking a composition that’s soft but still durable. This bait has a subtle action and a consistency that’s soft so the fish will hold the bait long enough. You’re also not burning through a pack as fast as you can get it opened, which can be a real burden when you’re getting dozens of bites on a Ned rig at times.