So what in the world makes ’em stick?


I wish I could tell you exactly what the stuff is, but Lure Lock calls it a “proprietary gel coating” that lines the bottom of each tackle tray. Admittedly, I had some concerns about it when I first got my hands on these boxes, but here’s what I’ve learned so far. 

First, it does not leave any residue on your lures – that’s what I was most worried about. I’ve used these boxes with balsa, plastic and even cedar lures without any issues thus far. Each lures comes out cleanly and without any smell. I will say, however, that I haven’t used these boxes in temperatures over 70 degrees so far. So I’ll be interested to see how that gel holds up in these hot Georgia summers. 

Also, the gel seems to retain its tackiness even with wet lures. So when it’s time to retie, you can put your recently used lure right into the box without any adverse affects. 

It feels somewhat similar to fly paper, but without the residue. You can press your fingers into it and you’ll notice zero stickiness afterwards.