So here’s the really unique thing about it

fish attractant gel poured onto bass fishing soft plastics

Two scientists with more than 30 years of experience leading a fisheries research biology lab developed BaitFuel. It’s a unique combination of natural compounds found in the prey of most predatory fish. You can get all the scientific stuff here if you want, but I’d rather talk to you from a fisherman’s point of view during this review. I’ll leave the science to the scientists.

The craziest thing about BaitFuel is that it’s totally scentless and leaves absolutely no residue on your hands, your boat or tackle bag. I know that sounds weird because it took me a while to wrap my head around it as well. But you can squirt this stuff on your hands and eat a sandwich 30 seconds later. It seriously doesn’t have any scent; you might as well be squirting water onto your hands. No stickiness, no stink, no nothing.

My wife and I have been using it while fishing our soft plastics this spring and she made a good point the other day. She mentioned that the consistency of it is somewhat of a mixture of hand sanitizer and that green aloe gel you’d put on a sunburn. It’s not runny, it doesn’t make a mess in your boat and it doesn’t leak and stink up your gear. After an explosion of garlic-scented fish attractant about a decade ago in my boat, I’ve been a little hesitant to keep something like this in my boat compartments but I have no worries at all about this BaitFuel.