Sneak up on them


Lee’s offshore lure rotation now starts off with something subtle like a big shaky head or Texas rig. This allows Lee to test the mood of the fish and ideally exciting the school before throwing the kitchen sink at them.

“The key to starting subtle is it allows you to fire the school before they know you are there,” Lee said. “Once you have the fish fired up they are much more likely to eat a deep plug or a magnum spoon, but lots of times you have to get them excited first.”

Lee’s subtle lineup includes dragging a Zoom Mag Finesse Worm on a 1/2-ounce shaky head, silently fluttering a 3/4-ounce hair jig and finesse offerings like a Strike King Dream Shot on a 3/8-ounce drop shot. Not only is Lee confident these presentations aren’t as likely to alert bass of his presence, but they’ll get a lot of bites from fish of all sizes, too.

“Throwing smaller, subtle lures right off the bat doesn’t mean you can’t catch big bass,” Lee said. “I’ve had plenty of guide trips where a less experienced angler fishing a drop shot will catch numerous big ones while his avid buddy throwing a bigger bait can’t find the same quality.”

More than just lures, Lee uses his trolling motor to sneak up on schools of bass. Instead of using his outboard motor to idle right up to a spot, Lee will use his trolling motor to ease up to the area. Giving him every opportunity to put a bait in front of a school of fish before they are aware of his presence.