Smooth feel


When you remove a length of line from the original spool, you’ll instantly recognize how smooth it is, which gives it a very high-quality feel to the consumer. It behaves quite well on casting reels but it can be a bit wiry on spinning gear. The 6 and 8-pound tests will work just fine for a few trips on your favorite spinning gear, but they’ll definitely acquire memory after extended use or storage. I’ve been able to extend the life of this small-diameter line by applying a non-aerosal line conditioner the night before fishing and I have very few problems.

With that being said, the smaller diameters are outstanding choices for leader material. They’re tough as nails and the knot strength is tailor-made for connecting it to a braided main line when finesse fishing. You’ll run into very few, if any, line management issues when you put Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon Line on casting reels. It’s low maintenance and stays packed on the spool tightly.