Smooth belly, ribbed back

front and back of soft-plastic bass fishing worm

Some ribbon-tail worms can be a little tricky to rig; the tail will swim best with the worm rigged a particular way. With some worms, however, the body is circular and has ribs or rings all the way around. It’s hard to figure out how to rig the worm any other way than a little trial and error. Rig it one way, toss it in the water, see if the tail is swimming right or the bait is trying to spin. If the bait is spinning, pull the hook out of the worm and start over.

This can lead to a few torn up worms before you ever even make a good cast. Or if you don’t pay attention to this at all, the spinning of a poorly rigged worm will lead to lots of line twists, which then lead to knots in your line or backlashes. But with the C-Mac, Netbait made the belly of the bait smooth and the back ribbed. So you can tell how to rig your worm perfectly the first time, with the hook point entering through the smooth belly of the bait and coming out the ribbed back.