Smaller diameter than I expected


Most fluorocarbon lines feel fairly similar in regards to diameter; there hasn’t been a whole lot of change in that department in the past several years. This SPRO Essential Series Gouken Fluorocarbon, however, is noticeably thinner than many lines on the market. With the 20-pound test measuring just .0146 inches in diameter, I could certainly tell a difference on my first pitch.

It kind of made me raise an eyebrow. I pitched into a thick grass bed and right as I engaged my reel I said to myself, “There’s no way this is dang 20-pound fluorocarbon.”

Sure enough, it is and sure enough… it’s some tough stuff. I’ve really enjoyed the thinner diameter because I like to use 20-pound fluoro on the large majority of my shallow-water, power-fishing baits. When I’m staying shallow like that, line capacity isn’t a huge deal to me. But when I’m running down a bank and remember that there’s a nice brush pile nearby or a little ledge in 15 feet of water, I like that I can stay back and use this same line/lure/reel setup to bomb a jig or soft plastic towards it. The added line capacity this smaller diameter offers allows me a little more versatility in those types of situations.