Small Medium and Large

3 Jenko crappie fishing rods

I basically boil it down to a very simple system. I have a small, medium and large rod. In other words,  I have a short rod or what I call a small rod for close quarters fishing and for really accurate shooting. I have a medium rod or what I call a do-it all casting rod that can handle open water casting, closer pitching and even a bit of vertical jigging. Then I have a large rod — a long rod that I can stay off the fish and dip cover or hold a jig in place over a suspended fish until he feels like biting. I don’t make it much more difficult than that.

Some anglers always want to know what’s the best brand, best length, best action. All of that depends on the angler. I tell people this system is a better approach because you can pick a brand or set of rods that you like and fits how you fish. I will share my favorites for lengths and actions and show several examples from several brands to illustrate.

For instance, in this picture are three of my favorites from Jenko Fishing — The X-13, the X-series 7-foot casting rod and the 6-foot Hypersense Marksman shooting rod. The Jenko Trick Stick Light and the X-series Casting are my go-to’s when it comes to casting for crappie at a distance.