Small in stature but casts like a missile


The Tackle HD Croaker only measures 3 3/4 inches long which, in my opinion, is fairly small for this type of bait. I’ll readily admit that I raised an eyebrow when I first took one out of the package. Whenever I’m fishing soft-plastic toads, I prefer to stay way off the cover (normally grass or underneath boat docks) so I don’t spook the fish. I was sure that its diminutive stature was going to impede that strategy.

Much to my surprise, the Tackle HD Croaker casts excellently. It’s dense enough to add enough weight to your back cast to allow for some impressive casting distance. I’m very impressed by this and honestly didn’t expect it. Don’t be afraid of its small size. It still casts well and helps you show highly pressured fish something they don’t see everyday.