Slapping the water

fisherman slapping a bass fishing lure on the water's surface

Now you may laugh at this one to start with, but it makes perfect sense once you really think about it; I’ve seen some really good anglers give it a try before when hoping to reactivate a school of bass. If you take your hand or the bait on the end of your line and slap the water’s surface, you create a similar sound to a fish busting. Even if the fish don’t come up and start feeding again on the surface, I believe it at least gets their attention and puts them in an aggressive mood again.

I know crappie anglers around the house who keep a bucket in the boat with them. When the bite slows down, they’ll take the bucket, reach over the side of the boat, scoop up some water and then dump it on the other side of the boat. After doing this a few times, their bobber goes under and the fish turn back on for a while. I haven’t seen this work firsthand but it does make sense to me and these guys had zero reason to lie. I believe they first figured this out when rinsing their minnow bucket out at the end of a trip. So that’s why they started to do it moving forward anytime the bite slowed.