Size strategy


Today’s squarebill assortment covers a broad range of depths and with his Strike King KVD lineup, Hackney can actually stretch his zone to 10 feet (the 8.0 model hits 10). Noting that depth is a foundational consideration, Hackney runs us through his selection plan.

“For me, the biggest thing for deciding on the size of my bait is determining the size of the forage base – what are these fish eating,” Hackney said. “That’s the good thing about having all those different sizes; you have a squarebill for any size of forage.”

Starting at the small end of the spectrum, Hackney said he reaches for the 2-inch KVD 1.0 least because it’s more of a cold-water bait that can substitute for a flat-sided crankbait. Diminutive in presence, this one makes a good match for tiny forage.

Calling the KVD 1.5 the workhorse of his lineup, Hackney said he relies on this bait for the widest array of his shallow water work, but he’ll readily step up to the 2.5, 4.0 or 8.0 if the situation warrants.