Size matters


This is a small one, but a big one at the same time. Some companies have tried to create a soft plastic stick bait and in an effort to be different, they have tweaked the diameter of the bait a bit too much. Though some of these tweaks have created a different profile and slightly different action, they took a step away from what is the necessary diameter for a bait like this.

That perfect diameter isn’t so much about creating the right action, but rather fitting one of the accessories paired with a soft-plastic stick bait the most, an O-ring. Most anglers now use some sort of tool to put an O-ring on their bait when building out a wacky rig. I use the VMC Wacky Rig Tool for instance.

Use a worm that is too skinny and the bait will slip out of the O-ring on a hard cast or during a fight. Use a worm that is too thick and it either won’t fit in the tool or if you can get the O-ring onto the bait, it will cut through the plastic and eventually lead to the bait being torn in half. The Zoom Zlinky is the perfect diameter to fit snug inside an O-ring.