Single-tail grub


Sometimes, you want the larger profile with the added action to help catch a fish’s attention, but the twin-tail grub brings too much resistance to the table to get the bait down and keep it down where it needs to be to target the bass. That’s where a single-tail grub like the Zoom Tab Tail Grub comes in. With a bait like this, you get a little of the bulk and a lot of the action, while still keeping your bait fairly streamlined. While this works well in shallow, calm water at times, this bait really shines in deeper current.

A bait like this is perfect for lakes like those found along the Tennessee River such as Wheeler, Guntersville, Pickwick, Wilson, Chickamauga, Nickajack and Kentucky Lake. They all have a good bit of current flowing through them on a regular basis and that rolling water often has a pretty good stain to it. Slow-rolling a heavy spinnerbait certain times of the year along the bluff walls and other deeper haunts of these fisheries is a great way to catch bass and big ones at that. A single-tail grub is the perfect trailer for this type of fishing. There’s not enough resistance from the single tail to cause your bait to rise, so it will stay down well in the current. But you also get a good bit of action out of it so the bass can find the bait.