Single plastic prop

treble hook on a bass fishing lure

One of the first things I noticed that set this bait apart from some of the others right away is the single plastic prop; a polycarbonate prop to be specific, which is a super durable type of plastic. A lot of prop baits have a prop on both ends and those props are often made of metal. But with the 3DB Series Prop, there’s just one plastic prop on the tail-end of the bait.

Unlike a lot of other topwaters, prop baits aren’t meant to be walked so much side-to-side as they are to be twitched forward more in a straight line. With each twitch, this bait gives off a sharp buzzing sound and spits water up into the air. It’s a similar action to what you’d see from a lot of other prop baits and is meant to imitate an injured or fleeing baitfish.