Shimano Macbeth Big 75F

shimano big 75f

The Macbeth Big 75F packs a robust profile to make it the largest offering in the Macbeth family of freshwater lures. Shimano designed this specialized crankbait for heavy cover with a diving depth of three to five feet, making it ideal for targeting bass feeding on larger forage fish. The Macbeth Big features a Hybrid Edge bill to give this crankbait a dynamic rolling action with a fast wobble to elicit reaction strikes. The one-piece molded weight within the buoyant MB-75F Big keeps the bait running true even during fast retrieves and recovers quickly after contacting cover. From shallow to mid-range depths, the Macbeth Big adds versatility while triggering trophy-class strikes. Each Macbeth Big 75F is 3” (75 mm) long, weighs ¾ oz (21 g), and has an MSRP of $10.99.