Shimano Macbeth 57F Flat

shimano macbeth 57F

The Macbeth Flat 57F is a shallow-running flat-sided crankbait that employs Shimano’s JET BOOST lure technology to defeat the unstable casting performance of most flat-sided crankbaits. JET BOOST technology utilizes centrifugal force to stabilize the flight posture of the MB-57F Flat and improve casting distance and accuracy without sacrificing swimming action. The MB-57F Flat features a Circuit Board round bill to produce a tight rolling action with a subtle body flick and a three to five-foot diving depth. The Macbeth Flat slowly floats, so it remains in the strike zone longer – perfect when fishing in cold water or pressured fish. Each Macbeth Big 75F is 2 ¼” (57 mm) long, weighs ⅜ oz (9 g), and has an MSRP of $11.99.