Sharp, wide-gap hook


The hook is strong, super sharp and has a nice wide gap and a unique bend to it. The bend is where VMC derives the ‘Hybrid’ from in naming the jig head; they describe it as a hybrid bend. I would say the closest thing I’ve seen to this hook is an O’Shaughnessy style bend, which if you’ve read many of my reviews you’ll know is a hook bend of which I’m particularly fond.

No matter if this style hook bend is used with a jig, spinnerbait or whatever the case may be, I really like it. It does a great job of pinning fish well and it’s a strong bend that doesn’t lose its shape when you stick a big one. Using this style bend, VMC created a swimbait jig head that has a slightly wider gap for its length compared to several other brands. This gives the hook a good bit of bite without having to run the shaft of the hook farther back towards the tail, which would restrict the action of some swimbaits.