Sharp, strong hooks

treble hook on bass fishing lure

The 3DB Series Prop has a nice set of black nickel sharp round-bend hooks. These do a good job in my opinion of locking into the fish. Round bend hooks also work well for a topwater since bass often simply swipe at the bait and don’t necessarily get it in their mouths good every time.

The round bend allows for a larger gap between the hook point and the shaft of the hook which gives the bass more opportunity to hookup with the bait than a hook with a curled in hook point would. So these hooks are a good complement to this bait and they’re strong and hold up to big bass pretty well. If you fish this bait on braid instead of monofilament, just be sure to back off on your drag a little, as no treble hook is really designed to take the kind of abuse a tightened down drag with braid will deliver.eblne