Shaky head and Texas rig

z-man elaztech creature bait on shaky head
Similar to the Ned rig, having a soft plastic that floats makes for a great presentation when using a Texas rig or shaky head along the bottom. Baits like Z-Man’s Boar HogZ, LizardZ and Finesse WormZ all work great for these two presentations. I will caution you though, because of the stretch of the ElaZtech soft plastic, you don’t want to bury the hook deep inside the bait when rigging them weedless. If you do this, the hook will have a hard time breaking through the stretchy material and you won’t penetrate the bass.
Instead, run your hook point all the way through the bait. If the presentation allows for it, just leave the hook tip exposed but up tight against the bait. If you’re fishing close to wood or through vegetation, simply tuck the very point of the hook back under the skin of the bait and you’ll be able to fish through the cover but still be poised and ready to set the hook.