Set apart by its size and shape


The hollow body frog market is getting fairly saturated. Almost every lure company focused their energy for awhile on making a spinnerbait, squarebill or various type of jig. But now, it seems as though that push has made its way into the hollow body bait market, with several companies coming out with frogs and other hollow body baits. But this isn’t a bad thing. There have been some great baits in this market for decades but a little competition always makes things better.

What I did notice, however, at first sight of the Leap FrogZ Popping Frog is that it stands out in a crowd. Some of the new frogs look like direct knockoffs or at least close copies of a few of the industry leaders. But Z-Man’s take on a popping frog has a deeper V, thinner body and comes in two sizes that land in the gaps created by several of the other popping frogs out there. I tested out the 2 1/4-inch version, which is a little smaller than a lot of the mainstream popping frogs that measure around 2 1/2 inches. And the larger offering from Z-Man comes in at 2 3/4 inches. In doing this, Z-Man kind of found a no-man’s land there as well, between what most would consider an average-sized popping frog and a lot the bigger versions that are offered by a few companies now.