Sensitivity is king


I have a tested a lot of rods at this price point and I can confidently say that this particular model has been one of, if not the most sensitive. I’ve been using the 7-foot, medium light-action “Light Swimbait” model and it has an incredible amount of sensitivity when it matters most. I’m able to feel individual grass strands, small twigs in the water and even slight changes in bottom composition when I’m dragging bottom-contact baits. 

This has been one of the oddest springs I’ve ever experienced, which has resulted in a lot of weird bites. They’re not really thumping my baits, so it has been very important to detect when my baits feel a little different than usual, if that makes sense. The Wright & McGill Skeet Micro Honeycomb Casting Rod has allowed me to identify very subtle bites without any issues whatsoever. Whether my Senko feels mushy or my small swimbait stops thumping, I haven’t had to get into a feeling contest with the bass. I’ve been able to set the hook quickly before these finicky fish spit my bait.