Sensitivity galore

bass fishing reel seat

It actually took me a few minutes to get used to the sensitivity of this rod. It’s specifically designed for Storm Wiggle Warts, SPRO RKCrawlers and similar crankbaits, so I expected the feel of this rod to be a bit “mushy” if that makes any sense; that’s how a lot of new-age cranking rods seem to be recently. What I discovered, however, was an incredibly crisp feel throughout the retrieve. I felt like I could feel every single wobble, wiggle and sway while I was fishing these baits. The Fuji reel seat transmits vibration beautifully and I’ve been able to feel subtle rock-size transitions, vegetation changes and other small changes in bottom composition.

Bites have been very easy to detect and there’s normally no question whether it’s a piece of cover or a bass. On several bites I’ve had with this rod, it’s almost like I could feel the bass suck the crankbait into their mouths. I know that might sound weird but once you feel it, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.