Sensitivity and performance is just as impressive as the technology


All of the bluetooth-type stuff is cool. I totally get it. But I was telling my wife the other day that even if this rod didn’t have any crazy technology in it that I’d still buy it. That’s how impressed I’ve been with the rod itself. 

I’m able to feel very slight changes in bottom composition when I’m fishing with this rod. When I’m skipping docks with a shaky head I can tell when my bait goes from a soft to hard bottom. It has been pretty tough around here lately in regards to the fishing and the bites have been incredibly subtle; it almost feels like you’re dragging a waterlogged leaf when you finally get a bite. 

I’ve been able to feel each and every bite thus far while testing the Virtual Spinning Rod. I think the “Virtual” name may scare away some old-school guys like me but I’m hoping everyone will keep an open mind. Even if you don’t use the technology stuff, you’ll be more than pleased with this rod.