G. Loomis NRX+ full rod

The material and wrapping process translates into to a lighter rod that is more sensitive while also being stronger. Usually when you make a rod ultra-sensitive, you have to sacrifice strength. You generally make the blanks real crisp but more brittle as well to get the high level of touch. So this breakthrough has allowed them to make the most sensitive rods with enough back bone to horse on good bass.

This is probably the most sensitive bass fishing rod I own now. I came to that conclusion after a few trips fishing shallow and fishing deep. But it really impressed me on a windy day on Kentucky Lake a few weeks ago when I was fishing a jig in 24-30 feet of water for deep smallmouth bass. There was lots of wave action, wind and current and feeling a bite down on the bottom with the 30 feet of water to mute the sensations is not ideal. But I caught two nice smallmouth on the jig that day that I really believe I would have never felt on a lot of other rods. They were bites that felt like I was fishing in 2 feet of water. Just a hard quick tick like it was right next to me on a short line but it was on a long cast in super deep water.

I was catching fish just pulling it over small rocks and then shaking it when I got around a larger rock. This has worked well for me for years in the winter. The NRX+ Jig/Worm rod has quickly become my favorite for this technique.