Sensitive when it matters


You’ll run across some rods that are sensitive, but not powerful and vice versa. It’s difficult for manufacturers to achieve a perfect balance between the two; that’s exactly why you hear of so many inexpensive rods breaking on the hookset. 

Fortunately, I’ve found the Ark Viper to have a great blend of power and sensitivity. When I’m fishing bottom-contact baits with this rod, it’s quite easy to feel the slightest changes in bottom composition thanks to the blank-through reel seat. If you’re using moving baits, you’re able to detect small differences in vibration and pressure, which is often indicative of a lethargic bass bite. 

That’s a big reason why I think this would be an excellent all-purpose rod for the average angler. You can rig up a squarebill, Chatterbait, big jig or a Carolina rig and you’re going to feel the bite and have the power to get ’em in the boat.