Sensitive drag system


The biggest gripe I have about some reels in this price range usually revolves around the drag systems. I’ve tested several that will surge and cause fish to pull off and I’ve even had a few drag systems completely seize and become inoperable. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If your spinning reel has a cheap drag system, you’re putting yourself at a significant disadvantage. 

The Daiwa Legalis LT, however, has a drag system that can be fine-tuned with ease. Minuscule adjustments are extremely easy to make with this reel and I’ve not experienced any surging or binding whatsoever throughout my testing. 

Whenever I’m “fun fishing”, this reel has allowed me to enjoy the fight a little more than usual because I’m not constantly worried about babying the drag system. The drag system dispenses line evenly throughout the fight and with every head shake or turn the bass makes, the reel handles beautifully.