Seek out the right combination


That being said, there are times where something like the opposite will apply as well. Situations where there’s an overabundance of one type of cover and scattered additional cover mixed in. Sometimes, when you’re not getting bit fishing that abundant cover, it’s all about seeking out that combo and focusing on it.

An example of this would be a piece of wood along a hard edge of water willow. I see this all the time on some of our local fisheries in Alabama. I’ll be fishing down the hard edge of the grass not getting bit and then anytime I come to a stump, stick or log in the grass, I’ll get a bite. So I begin to focus on that pattern. Instead of worrying about fishing every blade of grass, I’ll kick the trolling motor up on high and cover water. Then as soon as I get within striking distance of a piece of wood, I may even skip over a little of the grass to throw a good clean cast at that cover combination first.

The same concept applies when fishing a lily pad field with scattered mats of hyacinth or clumps of reeds. Now, there have been times where I’ll fish the pads and get bit at random. But there there are times too where the bass want that combination of cover. They’re in the pad field, but trying to bed so they want their back to that clump of reeds. Or they’re pre- or post-spawn and want to tuck their eyes under a mat.