Securing soft plastics


Though most hooks now have either a bait keeper or sharp bend in the shaft to help ensure soft plastics stay in place, quite often they still slide or are pulled down. To prevent this, you can run your soft plastic up a hook like normal and cover the eye, then stick the tip of a toothpick through the bait and the eye, effectively locking the soft plastic in place. At that point, simply clip off the excess the same as you would if you were pegging the weight and you’re good to go.

Nichols Lures offers an entire lineup of jigs, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, shaky heads and swimbait heads that take a unique approach to this principle. Their baits actually inspired me to try securing a soft plastic through the eye of a hook as previously mentioned. But with their baits, Nichols incorporated an eye into the bait-keeper barb that’s molded onto the bait.

So after you push your soft-plastic trailer up onto one of their jigs for instance, you then have the opportunity to stick a toothpick through the eye in the bait keeper to lock the soft plastic in place in perpendicular directions. This makes it nearly impossible for a bite or especially a hard cast to dislocate your trailer. A bass might bite a claw off of a craw but you won’t be re-rigging very often for any other reason.