Scum Frog Trophy Series Poppin Frog


The new Trophy Series Poppin Frog delivers performance and so much more! Scum Frog has been in the frog game for decades and the company continues to innovate and design new topwater’s built around the highest quality components at a reasonable price. Like the ALL NEW Trophy Series launched in 2019, the Painted Trophy Series Poppin Frog features 10 new hand-designed colors. 

The Scum Frog Trophy Series Poppin Frog (TSP) gives you that killer “ka-bloop” sound. The TSP also does double duty delivering amazing “walk-the-dog” action. The Painted Trophy Series’ realistic color schemes mimic several different types of bass forage. Each color has been meticulously designed by award-winning artist Andrew Gardner. 

All Scum Frog models are manufactured at American Baitworks in Ocean Springs Miss. Unlike most frogs that are produced with automated manufacturing overseas, Scum Frog production is done by hand.