Screwlock and weight


At the eye of the hook, you’ll find a heavy-duty screwlock. This is meant to be screwed down into the nose of the soft-plastic swimbait. Since the hook has a molded weight on it, you can’t simply run a bait up onto this hook like you would a worm on a worm hook when rigging a Texas rig for example. Instead, you screw the screwlock into the nose of your swimbait and then run your hook point through the body of the bait and then skin hook the point in the back of the bait to create a weedless presentation.

Making your way down the shaft of the bait, you’ll notice the molded lead weight attached to the hook. This weight, as we’ve already mentioned, anchors an eye, which is attached to a wire, which then holds the blade. But this weight is also intended to help keep the bait down at the desired depth you want to fish. With the smaller hooks, the weight is smaller. And as you go up in hook size, the weights increase as well. Because the bigger the bait you use, the more lift it will have and the more it will try to rise in the water. With weights ranging from 3/16-ounce all the way up to 1/2-ounce, you’ll be able to find a hook that works well with almost any swimbait.