Savage Grip Fixes Spoon Issues


The first thing I thought of when I first saw the Savage Grip Treble was it could fix some of the inherent problems with large lures. Namely split-ring torque. 

Split ring torque is what I call what happens when a fish starts slashing on the surface with a big bait like a giant flutter spoon or a big hard swimbait. Most anglers think it’s the weight of the lure that knocks the bait free. But I’ve come to believe they twist the split ring until it’s torqued tight and then all they have to do is knock the lure one time and it pops the hook out. I’ve tested this with big spoons and a split ring and big treble. It’s amazing out you can pop the hook out of something hard easy with the treble hook locked.

The Savage Grip alleviates the torque. Thus making it a lot harder to throw a lure that’s attached to a looser tether.